Manual foot scrubbers are a thing of the past, and definitely require way too much time and effort. Not to mention, some of these foot scrubbers look like cheese graters and could be dangerous if not used properly. The Claire Electric Foot Care Tool is an electric foot massager, that involves a more luxurious scrub on any foot callouses, deeply and safely removing any dead and peeling skin. 

Eliminate manual scrubbing, and enjoy the new and improved smooth feet you will have. Notice an increase in blood circulation as well - which is great for anyone with a diabetic foot, or with anyone who loses feeling in their feet quickly. 

The best way to rejuvenate feet might be a manual foot scrubber or even a dry brush, however an electric foot care massager does both. It gently removes skin cells with battery-powered vibration, and can be used in the shower, or outside. We love to pre-soak our feet in a himalayan scrub foot bath, so skin cells can loosen up. Afterwards, showering or bathing and applying your favorite lotion, will leave your feet feeling the most luxurious comfort - even a baby’s bottom can’t compare.