Unwind With Our Ultimate Self Care Routine

When I first started on my journey to Stylefortune, I never really knew where to begin. There is so much that you can do for Stylefortune and some me-time, but I have outlined what I like to do so you can get right on to Stylefortune. 

1. Start off by making myself a warm cup of tea. 

I usually do my stylefortune routine at night, and if I drink coffee, I will not be able to sleep. Feel free to make yourself tea, coffee or a smoothie to have on your special night. 

2. Unwind by playing calming music. 

Play music that makes you feel happy and calm. There are many playlists online which can get the job done. 

3. Start your skincare routine by removing your makeup. 

Many people think that they can get away without removing their makeup and go straight to the cleanser phase. Overtime, this can be harmful for your skin because cleanser sometimes doesn’t remove stubborn items like foundation, mascara and eyeshadow. Use proper makeup remover and your skin will reap its benefits.

4. Wash your face with a cleanser to get a deeper cleanse. 

Use our Amber Face Cleansing Brush which helps massage your face which promotes circulation and tightens your skin while it's cleaning.

5. Dry brush your body to stimulate your skin cells and promote circulation. 

I prefer using the Renata Bamboo Bath Shower Brush since it has a handle to make the job a lot easier for me. 

6. Put coconut oil in your hair and let your hair absorb the product while you do other things. 

If you don’t have coconut oil lying around, you can put olive oil in your hair as well. Anything that promotes hydration in your hair will be beneficial since your hair will happily soak it all up. 

7. Put on a face mask and let it sit on your face for about 15 minutes. 

Lucky for you, StyleFortune has a face mask applicator which makes the process a lot more sanitary. 

8. Hop into the shower and do your normal routine.

If you have extra time, take a bath with some bath salt

I recommend washing your mask off at the end of your shower or bath since the steam promotes your mask to working more effectively. 

Once your body is all cleaned up, its time to move onto your face. 

9. Apply your daily serum and face cream to add moisture back into your skin. 

I really like using our Serena Natural Stone Skin Roller to help circulate the blood flow on my face. It also helps me to evenly apply my skincare to make sure I am not wasting any of my products either. 

10. Then go ahead and moisturize the rest of your body.

Apply foot, hand and body cream in their respective areas to hydrate your skin.

11. Finish your routine with a movie or a book to calm your mind. 

All in all, without the book and movie, you can get onto StyleFortune if you have about 30 minutes to spare. Set aside time to do this at least once a week and make it something that you look forward to.

Feel free to change your routine around depending on how much time you have. If you even spend as little as 15 minutes and just put on a face mask, you will feel a lot more rejuvenated. 

Life will always be busy and you will always be putting things off until tomorrow -- the easiest thing to put off being Style Fortune. But the more often you do this, the higher increase you will see on your mental health and productivity. 

Happy Style Fortune!