Your New Hair Removal Companion: Our LED Dermaplaning Tool

There’s way too many skincare procedures out there including facials, micro dermabrasion, laser treatments, etc. Dermaplaning however, is known to be one of the more effective treatments of removing any dead skin cells, fine wrinkles, and for more professional treatments, even acne scarring. 

Professional treatments are known to cost loads of bucks, but dermaplaning can be done at home with just one tool: Tesia LED Dermaplaning Tool. It also comes with 6 replacement heads for maximum hygiene! For simple at home procedures, the Tesia LED dermaplaning tool does a great job of:

  • removing any facial peach fuzz,
  • reducing fine sideburns,
  • removing peeling and/or dry skin.

Soft on the skin, and light as a feather, Tesia does the work of removing any skin imperfections and smoothing the skin’s surface, without potential knicks caused by shaving. 

What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning at home is ideal for those seeking a quick and easy solution for any minor skin issues on the face. For unwanted peach fuzz, and to remove that unnecessary skin buildup, dermaplaning from home could work for you. We recommend seeking a professional for any acne scarring or for anyone seeking more dramatic, long-lasting results.

What to Look for in a Dermaplaning Tool?

Before investing in a dermaplaning tool, we recommend looking for a tool that comes with sharp, stainless steel blades, so you can get a finer trim. Over time, these blades do wear out, so look for a tool that comes with several replacement heads that last. Tesia by SCK is special, since it comes with a built in LED light, for any finer hairs that can’t be seen with 20/20 vision. 

How to Use a Dermaplaning Tool

The best way to use a Dermaplaning tool is the following steps:

Step 1: Apply a smooth moisturizing serum of your choice

Step 2: work the blade downwards (with the hair), in one swift motion.

Step 3: Since you’re peeling off a small layer of dry skin, definitely consider putting fresh aloe plant, or redness medication, to reduce and prevent swelling and inflammation.

See the amazing results and experiment on any unwanted hair on different parts of the body.

We prefer dermaplaning to shaving and waxing for a myriad of reasons. Shaving is a convenient solution for any major body parts with quite a bit of hair covering. Shaving is ideal for legs, armpits etc. however, in order to avoid growing thicker hair over time, we prefer to leave shaving out of our facial areas. Waxing is awesome if you can afford the time, expense, and not to mention, immense pain - but we found dermaplaning to get the job done efficiently, and conveniently, without the pain and expense.