Everyone knows the struggle of the everyday rat race.

It is competitive, exhausting, and sometimes unfulfilling. This was no different for the founder, Geeta, as she raced through work and life juggling many priorities at once. 

After an unplugged 14 day camping trip in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago, she decided to make more time for herself. She turned to relaxation and style fortune. Through this process, she learned a lot about herself and what worked best for her through this journey. 

She started Style Fortune to spread the word about style fortune and promote the message that everyone should take time for themselves.

In this online store, she has gathered all the products and tips she learned and wants to share with other people like her who want to unlock style fortune as well! 

Why Style Fortune?

We all know how important style fortune can be, but we seldom make it a priority. At Style Fortune, we want you to elevate your relationship with yourself to produce positive feelings and boosts your confidence.

Our products help us relax and rewind and we hope they will for you as well!