Ashlyn Scarlett 3-Piece Electric Stone Face Roller

Rs. 2,299
Color: Pink
The Ashlyn Scarlett 3-Piece Electric Stone Face Roller is a great battery-powered skin roller to maximize efficiency. 

Achieve Your Skin Goals 💪🏽

Positively glowing: The crystals help in achieving a radiant glow.

Flexible: The two heads (oval and circular) allow you to really make sure you get into every crevice of your skin. 

Easy Use: Battery-powered for easy use. Easy to clean as well. 

All Natural: A natural product made of metal and stone that is perfect for use even on the most sensitive skin. Natural stone to help products fully penetrate into your pores. 

What it is:

An electric skin roller meant to help circulate blood, rejuvenate your skin, and apply your skincare products evenly on your face. Comes with 2 heads depending on where you are applying on your face. 

How to Use:

1. Place your clean facial tool in the fridge.

2. Dot serum or face cream all over your face. You can also use the small end to apply eye cream underneath your eyes.

3. Turn on and move the tool around your face and its corners until the product is absorbed.

4. Clean properly with soap and water once you are done.

5. Enjoy your rejuvenated skin!

Why it works best cooled: 

This is best used once the tip is cooled. It allows for better nutrient absorption in your skin. This is an ancient technique that its now getting widely used! 


  • Material: Metal+ Jade
  • Size: 16*5.7cm
  • Power: 1*AA battery
  • Frequency: 6000 rotations per minute

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