Avery Natural Jade Flowie

Rs. 1,199
The Avery Natural Jade Stone is a magical tool. It comes from tied and tested tools that allow you to apply pressure to areas on your face gently and firmly.

Work some Skincare Magic ✨

Reduce Wrinkles: This helps with keeping the wrinkles at bay.

Try using Cooled: if you cool it as well, it can provide variation and keep your skin happy. Perfect to apply cooled on eyes 

Prevents dark circles and puffiness: Will keep the skin happy and reduce dark circles and puffiness. 

Easy to Clean: Smooth surface makes it easy to clean. 
What it is:

An all-natural stone meant to help circulate blood, calm your eyes, and apply your products evenly. 

How to Use:

1. Place the stone in the fridge.

2. Dot serum or eye cream around your eyes. 

3. Gently move the tool around your eyes and its corners until the product is absorbed.

4. Clean properly with soap and water once you are done.

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