Hazel Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Rs. 1,699
Color: Gold
Remove the day to day stress and pain of eyebrow threading or waxing with the Hazel Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer. A must-have beauty essential, safely shape and trim your eyebrows the way you like.

No Need for Your Eyebrow Lady Anymore 😌

Soft & Safe: The blade has a soft edge so you can avoid cuts and knicks, pain-free. Features a protective lid for easy and safe storage. 

Easy to use: Crafted to fit your hand, and provide quick and easy hair pulling. Comes with a reliable rechargeable battery.  

Sanitary: No need for tweezers that have been laying around or chemicals. You can easily clean it with a wet wipe and the blades stay sanitized with the lid structure.

What it is:

A small electric razor which can help shape and trim your eyebrows according to the thickness that you desire.

How to Use:

Make sure that your face is clean and makeup-free before you do this!

1. Use the razor around the edges of your eyebrows to get the edges cleaned.

2. Work your way in and closer to the edges to get the shape you want.

3. Clean the tip of your razor with a wipe.

4. Put lotion around your eyebrows to soothe the area.


    • Material: ABS+stainless steel
    • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

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