Mila Facial Steamer

Rs. 4,999

Rejuvenate skin and eliminate toxins with the Mila Facial Steamer. Achieve hydrated and glowing skin by creating a sauna environment for your face. Sit back and relax and treat yourself to a steam soak. 

Bring the Spa Home 🛁

Hydrate the Right Way: The secret to glowing skin is not just inner hydration but outer hydration. Steam allows pores to open up, and skin to sing. 

Invest in Your skin: Feel good by investing in your beauty and improving overall skin health.

Health is Wealth: Taking in steam helps to not only hydrate skin but also open up trapped nasal airways.

Smart Technology: Both are built off of new effective technology which will help with blood circulation and moisturizing your skin with ease.

Go Beyond Face: Feel free to experiment on not just your face but enjoy the feel of skin relaxation all throughout the body. 

What it Is:

A portable water steamer for your face. Promotes hydration and rejuvenates your skin cells. Works with US plug type (110V)

How to Use:

1. Place water inside the machine and turn on
2. When the steam starts forming, place your clean face above it for 5 minutes.
3. Do this every other day for the best results. 

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