Milana 5pcs Oval Head Makeup Brush Set

Rs. 599

Beat your face with the all in one Milana 5pcs Oval Head Makeup Brush Set, featuring 5 unique brushes that ease up your everyday makeup routine with both precision and coverage. 

The Superior Makeup Brush Set 🖌️

Different shapes and sizes: Apply any and all makeup products while utilizing the brush of your preference. Choose the smaller brush for enticing eyeshadow art and use the bigger one to let your face achieve foundation coverage. 

Feel Good: Move soft bristles around your face in a circular motion and feel the love and pampering. Your skin will thank you! 

What it Is:

A set of 5 brushes meant to blend in all of your makeup with ease). It comes in different sizes so you can get more precision around your face and eyes.

How to Use:

1. Dot your makeup on your face or put directly on to the brushes

2. Move the brush in circular motions until your makeup is blended 

3. Wash the brushes occasionally 

It's that easy.

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